Telescopic trout rod 


The noble Legalis Trout rods have been especially designed for the use in trout ponds. The slim blanks are exceptionally well-balanced and allow very good casting distances with Sbirolinos or Bombardas. The sensitive tip cares for an optimal bite detection and together with the semi-parabolic action leads to a harmonic bending curve. Thus, quick flights are absorbed easily and the rod is protected from overloading.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Pole rod 


Telescopic pole with premium design. The lightweight blank is made of premium carbon fiber material and allows fatigue-free fishing for hours. Sensitive rod tips prevent the overload of leaders and care for maximum fun during the fight.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Bolognese rod 


The very lightweight blanks of these premium Bolognese rods fully load during the cast and catapult your rigs over long distances. The quick resilience combined with the sensitive tips allow targeting the feeding spot also with very light bolo floats.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Telescopic carp rod 


The telescopic models of the successful Crosscast carp rods series are not inferior to detachable rods according design and quality. The woven carbon fiber blank offers enormous power reserves and shows a fast, distinct action, which perfectly absorbs headbutts and flights.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Telescopic carp rod 


The lightweight Ninja X tele carp rods feature premium components and are set up around a slim HMC+ carbon fiber blank, which fully loads at the cast and allows long casting distances. The telescopic Ninja X carp rods are equipped with a slim classic cork handle and are suited for targeted carp fishing as well as for coarse fishing for bream, tench or even targeting zander and pike.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Telescopic carp rod 


The telescopic version of the successful Black Widow Carp series convinces by its slim blank with solid double-leg guides. The blanks perfectly load at casting weights of 60g to 100g and therefore allow reaching long casting distances. At the fight with the fish the backbone offers large power reserves and allows to direct large specimen securely to the net.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Telescopic feeder rod 


The range of telescopic Black Widow feeder rods includes fitting rods for light fishing with method feeders as well as models for fishing with heavy feeders over great distances. The Black Widow Tele feeder rods can also be perfectly applied at fishing for eel! Despite their short sections, the blanks feature a smooth action and even bending curve.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Telescopic float rod 


The Aqualite series also includes three telescopic models with 3.90m, 4.50m and 5.10m. These semi-parabolic rods are ideally suited for fishing for tench, bream and other cyprinid species with the float and additionally can be stowed and transported conveniently. The soft tip excellently absorbs all flights and is matched with the action of the backbone, leading to a homogenic bending curve and a great casting performance.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Telescopic spinning rod 


HVF carbon fiber, X45 technology at the blank, lightweight Seaguide guides with super-slim ceramic Zirconia inlays and the exclusive DAIWA Air Sensor reel seat are the reasons why the Ballistic X Tele rods are really exceptional within this rod category!

This model is available in 11 specifications


Telescopic spinning and all-round rod 


With the Ninja X tele rods DAIWA offers a broad range of universally applicable telescopic rods.The rods of the Ninja X series offer a perfect action, which resembles the action of detachable rods and is based on premium carbon fiber blanks and tread-wrapped guides.

This model is available in 16 specifications


Telescopic all-round rod 


The Megaforce telescopic rods now feature a reworked design, improved components and additional models. The rods with lengths of 2.10m to 3.00m and casting weights of 7-25g to 70-150g are now available at a very short closed length of only 69cm – perfect, when the rod is transported in a backpack or travel bag. The models with 3.30m length and above feature a somewhat longer closed length and display actions, which resemble the bending curves of detachable rods.

This model is available in 24 specifications


Telescopic all-round rod 


The range of Sweepfire Tele rods offers fitting rods for nearly all kind of purpose. Beyond models for spin and coarse fishing and rods for targeted fishing for predators also two well-balanced float models with 3.60m and 3.90m are available.

This model is available in 15 specifications


Telescopic all-round rod 


The Legalis Tele series comprises a great selection of short-sectioned tele rods. With a closed length of only 75 to 87cm these rods can easily be stored in a fishing bag or be transported in a car or by bike. The comprehensive lineup of this series contains rods, that can be applied for both spin fishing for trout, perch and pike as well as for coarse fishing for almost every domestic coarse fish species.

This model is available in 13 specifications


Telescopic all-round rod 


The DAIWA Procaster tele rods add five premium telescopic rods to the successful detachable rod series. The very light and well-balanced blanks offer a fast action with great resilience. The bending curve under strain is similar to the one of a detachable rod and guarantees a save and sensitive fighting with the fish. The slim solid carbon fiber tip is nearly unbreakable under normal fishing conditions and, in combination with the semi-parabolic action of the blank, has great casting properties when using light floats and sinkers.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Sea rod 


With the Seahunter X Vario rods DAIWA offers extremely versatile rods for sea fishing. The two multi-color tips with small guides and soft action allow the application for light surfcast fishing or ground fishing or even casting paternosters. The stronger tip with larger guides and nightglow paint allows fishing with thick leaders and shads or pirks for cod or fishing with the float for mackerel. Also in fresh water these rods can be applied for a multitude of targets: fishing for eel, barbel or trout with natural bait – the Seahunter X Vario rods will cut a fine figure!

This model is available in 6 specifications



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