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Boat rod holder 


Model 18800-900

Superior, portable boat rod pod made of massive stainless steel With the Infinity Boat Pod you can adjust up to 3 rods on the pod fish with electronic bite indicators. The angle can be adjusted with a screw up to 90 degrees within seconds in order to fish with the tip upwards or downwards. The whole rod can be turned 360 degrees around the own axis and can be adjusted stagelessly.



Special rod holder 


Model 18800-950

The DAIWA D-Pod is another highlight for carp anglers, who search for something special. Completely made of premium aluminum and then coated black – this pod is hardly visible from the distance. For the D-Pod we used common banksticks, thus you can set up your pod individually. If you open the big plastic screws at the jaws, you are able to adjust the leg’s angle in steps of 30°. Due to the extension of the banksticks, there is no limit for the set up from a high to a low pod.