Boat rod 


The multi-sectioned DAIWA Saltiga AP rods are designed for uncompromising application under harshest conditions in tropical and other big fish destinations. Closed lengths of 67cm to 78cm allow a straightforward transport in the luggage – expensive rod transportation tubes from now on belong to the past.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Jigging rod 


At DAIWA GrandWave stands for reliable and perfected seafishing tackle with premium quality. The GrandWave rod series has been designed for the requirements at fishing in Norway as well as in the Baltic and North Sea. The high reliability, power and balance of these rods comes from DAIWA´s exclusive and proven technologies, e.g. HVF carbon fiber. The great power reserves of these blanks put you into the position to guide and lead large specimen successfully also in critical situations.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Travel jigging rod 


You can easily transport the three- and four-sectioned travel rods of the GrandWave Sea series in your hand luggage, rucksack or suitcase. Safely stowed in a padded cloth bag, these rods reach their destination. HVF carbon fiber and accurately processed spigot joint connections provide you with the confidence to cope also with harsh conditions and fierce fights with the fish. The harmonic bending curve is hard to distinguish from a two-sectioned rod and also the balance of the travel models is exemplary – with the GrandWave Travel rods you get your target fish!

This model is available in 3 specifications


Jigging rod 


With a closed length of only 66cm the four-sectioned models of the Sealine Pilk series perfectly fit into the luggage. Thanks to the use of spigot ferrules the HMC+ blanks are very slim and especially lightweight at the same time. Additionally, the Sealine Travel Pilk rods display a bending curve, that is hard to distinguish from a two-sectioned rod. With a total length of 2.40m and castings weights of 200g or 300g these rods cover the most important fields of application for fishing with pirks or with large shads for cod, coalfish, pollack or light fishing for halibuts.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Jigging rod 


With the Sealine Pilk rods DAIWA offers a large range of highly modern sea fishing rods for fishing in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea as well as in Norway.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Boat and jigging rod 


Matching to the BG reel series DAIWA offers a comprehensive series of rods for sea fishing for application in Norway, the Baltics Sea and the tropics. The blanks made of HMC+ carbon fiber feature a distinct tip action with strong backbone – perfect when cod, coalfish or halibut are targeted with pirks or shads and strong headbutts and fierce flights have to be buffered.

This model is available in 12 specifications


Jigging rod 


Speedjigging with heavy metal jigs requires rods with particular characteristics and quality features. This kind of fishing requires everything from the rod. The strong blank of the BG Sea Jigger in combination with the titanium oxide guides easily cope with the extreme pressure at strong jigging with heavy lures. The robust blank features exactly the properties necessary for speeding up jigs at fishing and controlling large fish securely during the fight. Perfect for amberjack!



Jigging rod 


The BG Popper rods have been especially designed for fishing with surface lures like large stickbaits and poppers. The somewhat softer tip in combination with the strong backbone easily allow to cast poppers of 70-120g to long distances while the extra-large saltwater-proof guides permit application of thick shock leaders and long leaders. This rod also is the perfect choice for fishing for halibut in Norway with shads!



Jigging rod 


The range of the Seahunter X jigging rods offers a selection of sea fishing rods for fishing in the Baltic and North Sea as well as for light fishing in Norway and Iceland. The strong blanks with tip action perfectly absorb the flights of cod & Co. Thanks to the firm spigot joint an even bending curve is ensured.

This model is available in 6 specifications


Sea rod 


With the Seahunter X Vario rods DAIWA offers extremely versatile rods for sea fishing. The two multi-color tips with small guides and soft action allow the application for light surfcast fishing or ground fishing or even casting paternosters. The stronger tip with larger guides and nightglow paint allows fishing with thick leaders and shads or pirks for cod or fishing with the float for mackerel. Also in fresh water these rods can be applied for a multitude of targets: fishing for eel, barbel or trout with natural bait – the Seahunter X Vario rods will cut a fine figure!

This model is available in 6 specifications



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