Multiplier reel 


This reel shows its whole power especially during tough fights with halibut and coalfish in Norway – due to its digital depth counter, you can offer the lure with the optimal distance to the ground - an invaluable benefit when coalfish predate in the middle water and you need to provide your lure constantly at the same depth!



Multiplier reel 


With the Sealine LWLA DAIWA offers a left-hand multiplier reel suited for the though requirements at fishing for cod, halibut and Co. in Norway. The special frame construction offers enormous power reserves, which a fish in Norway can`t stand – thus we even fought medium-sized tunas during the test phase with this reel.



Multiplier reel 


The return of the legend! For many years the Tanasensor has been called a paragon for reliability and power among Norway anglers. Especially the powerful gear is a real benchmark, which successfully has lifted up many large specimen out of great depths over the years.



Electric multiplier reel 


This strong electric multiplier reel with a 12V engine provides convenient assistance at deep sea fishing for ling, redfish and cusk, when heavy rigs have to be retrieved from great depths. The premium engine is reliably working even under high strain and offers enough power reserves to lift also big fishes up to the surface. With good reason DAIWA electric reels are well-known as reliable and almost indestructible helpers under extreme conditions since many years.



Electric multiplier reel 


After the great success of the Tanacom 500 calls for a somewhat larger model with greater line capacity and stronger engine, which can also be applied at greater depths, have grown louder.

The Tanacom 750 offers exactly these features: extreme line capacity and a very robust engine, which reliably pulls your rig to the surface also from great depths. Thus, the Tanacom 750 offers reliable DAIWA quality.