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Round braided line 


The well-known Tournament 8 Braid has been further optimized for the EVO+ version. Especially the surface coating has been improved by a greater amount of silicone – thus the line produces even less friction during the cast and thereby optimizes casting distances. Additionally, noise generation within the guides is reduced further. Like this the Tournament X8 Braid EVO+ is technically one of the world’s best braided lines at the market. The surface of the EVO+ doesn’t split up even at frequent use and maintains its round diameter.

This model is available in 93 specifications


Round braided line 


The Morethan 12 Braids from DAIWA very likely belong to the most pristine braided lines currently available worldwide. These high-performance lines offer a hitherto unexperienced sensation at casting and fishing. The new 12 Morethan in lime-green is now available with color code every 10m, allowing you to track your casting distance or fishing depth with ease.

This model is available in 12 specifications


Round braided line 


With the Saltiga 12 Braid DAIWA offers an outstanding premium braided line. The use of 12 strands here offers up to now unknown possibilities to improve the features of a braided line. Compared to standard braided lines, the abrasion resistance is improved up to 72% while the knot strength is considerably higher. The special surface coating made of silicone cares for decreased friction of up to 18% – thus, the casting distances, especially with lightweight lures, as well as noise generation at casting, are considerably improved.

This model is available in 18 specifications


Braided line 


With the Prorex UL Finesse Braid, DAIWA offers a very thin Japanese braid, which performs outstandingly at ultra-light and finesse fishing. This excellent line is particularly useful when fishing with extremely small lures and jigheads for perch, chub and trout.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Round braided line 


The J-Braid Grand X8 is the advanced version of the world-famous J-Braid X8. To offer even more safety at fishing and at the fight with the fish, the Grand X8 has been optimized regarding important details. The J-Braid Grand X8 fully convinces both at fishing in fresh water and at sea fishing.

This model is available in 116 specifications


Round braided line 


The J-Braid X8 from DAIWA is an exceptional fishing line, which is braided of 8 single strands and completely fulfills all requirements expected of a high-quality fishing line. Regardless if you want to fish for the large saltwater predators like halibut, cod and coalfish or aim to target perch or zander – with the new J-Braid you always ensure the proper contact to the fish. Perfect for spinning and baitcasting reels!

This model is available in 94 specifications


Braided line 


With the 4-braid line J-Braid X4, DAIWA offers a real high-performance braided line at an outstanding price-performance ratio. The braiding of the line fulfills highest Japanese quality standards and convinces at all points. The available diameters cover nearly all kinds of fishing techniques from ultra-light fishing for perch to heavy sea fishing for halibut, cod and Co.

This model is available in 36 specifications


Monofilament line 


Premium sinking and very supple monofilament line for feeder fishing. The 300m spools feature a mark at 150m length – perfect to equip 2 reels with exactly 150m line. The dull surface of the N'Zon Feeder Mono prevents underwater reflections.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Monofilament line 


The Tournament SF combines nearly all preferred technical advantages and benefits in one line. This line has only little stretch – you can thus set the hook instantaneously. The Tournament SF also offers a high wet knot strength and a high abrasion resistance at the same time. The soft and smooth surface glides silently through the guides and optimizes the casting distances. The Tournament SF thus is one of the world’s best lines at the market and one of the most successful mono lines in Japan.

This model is available in 48 specifications


Fluorocarbon leader 


The Prorex leader material is made in Japan and highly abrasion resistant but very supple at the same time. Perfect as leader material at fishing in fresh water and at sea fishing. This leader material from the Prorex range offers an outstanding price-performance ratio.

This model is available in 18 specifications

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