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Accessory box 

DAIWA Magnetic Hook Box

Model 15809-815

This small box is perfectly suited for the save storage of swivels, hooks etc. The magnet at the bottom prevents the unwanted loss of small parts.



Accessory box 

PROREX Sealed Tackle Box

Model 15809-9..

Thanks to four lateral fasteners and the silicone sealing, these tackle boxes are optimally protected against infiltrating water and rain. Ideal for the storage of lures and supplies.


This model is available in 3 specifications


Accessory box 

PROREX Tackle Box

Model 15809-4..

High-quality boxes for keeping lures and other fishing equipment. The XL box of 36x22.5x8.5cm is ideal for large lures like plugs, jerkbaits, swimbaits etc., which do not fit into regular flat boxes.


This model is available in 2 specifications

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