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Special Bag 

N'ZON Carryall Cool Bag

Model 13405-005

This cooler bag with a capacity of 40l can easily be opened and filled from the top. The thermo isolation ensures an enduring cooling effect. The solid bottom prevents soaking in of moisture and keeps the bag in shape even when fully loaded. An additional pocket with zipper offers further storage space. The padded shoulder strap ensures optimal carrying comfort even when heavily loaded.



Tackle bag 

PROREX Tackle Container XL

Model 15809-500

This very robust but lightweight tackle container made of hard EVA offers tremendous space for big tackle boxes, accessories, clothes, boots etc. Due to the hard cover, the content is perfectly protected against damage from the outside. Additionally the bag is totally waterproof – thus your tackle is protected against infiltrating rain and water from the bottom.



Accessory bag 

PROREX Lure Storage Bag XL

Model 15809-505

This premium lure bag made of solid and robust EVA material offers much space for XL lures, accessories and pliers. Due to the entirely waterproof material, this bag provides optimal protection against rain and splashing water. The upper compartment can be removed completely, within the main compartment below one big XL tackle box up to 10cm as well as further small tackle can be stored.



Shoulder bag 

PROREX Roving Shoulder Bag

Model 15809-510

This premium and highly robust shoulder bag with hard outer shell offers numerous features, which facilitate its application at fishing. The hard cover with woven-carbon fiber design offers perfect protection from damages. The wide, padded shoulder strap ensures an optimal carrying comfort even with heavy load. The Roving shoulder bag is designed in a way that guarantees unimpeded movements during fishing – when tackle is needed, the bag can be swung around and single compartments can be opened easily without the necessity of laying down the bag.




N'ZON Foldable EVA Bucket

Model 13305-105

This foldable bucket with a capacity of 5l facilitates accessing water enormously. Equipped with extra-strong 10m rope and solid carrying handle.




DAIWA EVA Baitfish Bucket, foldable

Model 15809-110

The foldable EVA baitfish bucket from DAIWA convinces with elaborate details. The mesh insert can easily be taken out of the main compartment and placed in the water. Thanks to the mesh the baitfish constantly receive fresh water. At removing the mesh insert from the bucket the bottom edge of the insert retains a certain amount of water, thus perfectly protecting your baitfish. The bucket features a small outer pocket for housing an aeration pump.




DAIWA Foldable EVA Bucket L

Model 15809-115

This foldable waterproof bucket from DAIWA can be used for many purposes. Perfect for mixing groundbait or storing water, for dry storage of supplies or even as basket for fly lines when fishing with streamers for pike.




DAIWA Foldable EVA Bucket

Model 15809-120

This small and smart foldable fishing bucket with cord allows easy access to water. The long cord features special hand stoppers, which prevent slipping through the fingers. The upper end of the cord is equipped with a small lead, which guarantees dipping of the bucket into the water.



Special bag 

DAIWA Foldable EVA Bag

Model 15809-1..

These DAIWA multiloaders are intended for the safe and dry transportation of supplies and small parts as well as clothes, shoes etc. Additionally you easily can transport your catch with these bags! The material is 100% waterproof and the bags can be conveniently folded for space-saving transportation. The anti-smell material can be cleaned easily.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Rod protection 

DAIWA Hardcase Rod Case

Model 15809-3..

This rod case with woven carbon fiber design optimally protects your premium rods. Depending on the length this holdall is suited for spinning rods of 2.40m to 3.00m. Thanks to the semi-solid outer shell both rod and reel are optimally protected against external threats during transportation.

This model is available in 2 specifications

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