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Spinning rod 


The accurate scanning of bottom structures is of enormous importance when fishing for perch and zander with softplastic lures. The recognition of extremely hard and soft ground is a huge advantage when it comes to finding the right spots! Also the presentation of softbaits and twitching with hardbaits is considerably easier with a fast and stiff blank. The Tatula rods unite particularly these features. The fast and very stiff blank made of SVF carbon fiber combined with the exclusive X45 technology of DAIWA allow the design of fast and very tough rods, which almost leave no wish unfulfilled.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Baitcasting rod 


The baitcast models of the Tatula series offer exactly the properties modern anglers expect. A very hard backbone in combination with a very fast action enables astonishing casting distances, perfect lure control and allows setting the hook without delay.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Spinning rod 


The characteristics of the Ballistic Ltd rods with 15-50g and 30-70g casting weight are perfectly matched with the requirements of fishing with heavier soft lures. When the target fish are hiding down deep or in strong current, these rods allow you to search them with deep running cranks or with heavier jighooks. Also perfectly applicable for using chatterbaits.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Jerkbait rod 


The Prorex X Jerkbait baitcasting rod is characterized by its extremely powerful blank. With this rod, aggressive presentation of big jerks up to 120g is no problem. During the fight the backbone buffers escapes and jumps of pikes perfectly and thus prevents losses.



Vertical rod 


The extremely lightweight, very well balanced and powerful blanks of the Prorex X Vertical Baitcast ensure effortless fishing for hours. The light Fuji Skeleton Baitcast reel seat enables a direct contact to the blank – an extraordinary bite detection and lure control are the consequence.


Spinning rod 


The Big Bait models are equipped with very strong blank as well as the extremely robust Fuji Fazlite double leg guides to sustain even most powerful casts with loads of up to 165g. The backbone’s action perfectly absorbs headbutts and jumps of large specimen – losses during the fight with the fish are prevented almost completely.


Spinning rod 


The large lineup of the Ballistic Ltd series provides appropriate fishing rods for all kinds of modern spin fishing. For light and ultra-light fishing at small streams or ponds for trout, chub and perch you can choose between two perfectly-balanced rods of either 1-6g or 5-14g casting weight. These fast rods with tip action are perfectly suited for fishing with small soft baits, small plugs and spoons!

This model is available in 2 specifications


Spinning rod 


The Ballistic X series offers a large range of spin and baitcast rods and covers most demands of modern spin anglers. The extra-fast blanks of the jigger models are perfectly suited for fishing with softbaits – lures like soft plastic lures, creature baits or no/low-action shads can be presented excellently. The Ballistic X spin rods for heavier casting weights are ideally suited for twitching of hardbaits and jigging of heavy plastic lures.

This model is available in 12 specifications


Spinning rod 


The spinning rod series from the Prorex predator range for anglers with highest demands – equipped with almost all highlights from modern Japanese DAIWA rod construction technology. The Prorex AGS rods especially impress by their light weight, stiff and tight blanks and a sensitive tip action. The range of this exceptional series offers the matching rod type for almost every particular spin fishing technique. The SVF nanoplus material cares for lightweight blanks with optimal resilience. Thanks to the integration of nanoplus technology at the carbon fiber material the rods have become even more lightweight and strainable at the same time.

This model is available in 9 specifications


Spinning rod 


The Prorex AGS rods with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip and UL action are designed for the application at fishing for trout, perch and chub with soft- and hardbaits. The fast blanks with tight backbone and sensitive tip provide a perfect lure control also at challenging fishing conditions. Lure action, contact with the fish and the bottom are instantly transmitted to the handle section. With these exceptional rods also very small lures can be cast to far remote spots at trout ponds!

This model is available in 3 specifications

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