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Feeder rod 


The N'Zon Z rods convince by their fast action and their perfect balance! By using HVF Nanoplus carbon fiber material we succeeded in achieving lightweight but nevertheless tough blanks, which resile very quick and allow highly accurate casts. With over 15 different models the N'Zon Z series covers the whole range of feeder fishing from fishing close the shore to long distance feeder fishing and method feeder fishing.

This model is available in 17 specifications


All-round rod 


With the Legalis rods, DAIWA offers also all-round rods with modern design. The semi-parabolic high modulus carbon fiber blank has been especially designed for the use of natural baits. The blank supports the application of these kind of baits, since it gently casts thawed baitfish, dough and other delicate hookbaits to far remote spots. The application of premium EVA material at the handle section contributes to the convenient handling of these rods.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Eel rod 


The Crossfire Eel models with spliced-in glass fiber tip have been especially designed for fishing for eel with natural baits, but can also be perfectly applied for ground fishing for trout, chub or burbot.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Feeder rod 


The Team DAIWA Feeder rods are equipped with latest rod technology. The slim HVF blank with Nanoplus technology enables extremely long and precise casts and offers a perfectly even bending curve, which is supported by the V-Joint spigot joint. During the fight with the fish, the powerful backbone offers enormous power reserves and the soft tip absorbs flights of large specimen and thus reduces the threat of breaking leaders.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Feeder rod 


With the Cast’Izm Feeder rods, DAIWA offers exclusive tools for fishing with the method feeder, which make every fight an unforgettable experience! The blank is made of premium HVF carbon fiber and offers perfect characteristics for hunting large carps, breams or tench. The rods bend up till a parabolic action under strain and thus eliminate the threat of breaking leaders – hooked carps hardly have any chance to escape!

This model is available in 4 specifications


Feeder rod 


The Exceler feeder rods have been developed for fishermen, who are seeking a premium and well-balanced light feeder rod. Despite the slim blank diameter these rods feature a strong backbone with fast action, which enables directing even large specimen securely during the fight. The handle is equipped with a shrink tube grip, which enables a well-balanced and secure handling – easy to clean. The three method feeder models are perfectly suited for the increasingly popular light feeder fishing in silent waters or at low current.

This model is available in 8 specifications


Feeder rod 


Extremely lightweight feeder rods with fashionable design! At the Powermesh Feeder rods our engineers succeeded with the design of very lightweight and slim blanks, which nevertheless display a fast action. The high modulus carbon fiber blank offers great resilience. The handle section has been additionally reinforced with cross-wrapped carbon fibers. The translucent “chameleon” vanish equips this rod with a highly fashionable appearance, especially in combination with the easy to clean two-sectioned cork/EVA handle.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Telescopic feeder rod 


The actions of the high-class Powermesh tele feeder rods are hard to distinguish from the ones of conventional detachable rods. The fast HMC+ carbon fiber blanks resile quickly after the cast and enable you to place your rig accurately and easily at the spot! The slim handle section features a modern and functional design and is in charge for the great handling properties and balance of these rods.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Feeder rod 


For the Aqualite feeder rods, a classic design has been merged with contemporary layout and functionality. The very slim cork/shrink tube handle section features a pleasant handling, is easy to clean and provides an astonishing look. The well-balanced slim blanks of high modulus carbon fiber are highly distortion-proof and eliminate torque almost entirely. Long and precise casts are the consequence.

This model is available in 8 specifications


Picker rod 


The Picker rods of the Aqualite series come into play when extremely light feeders or leads of up to 25g are used. The very slim and lightweight blanks excellently load during the cast and enable long and targeted casts. During the fight the parabolic action of the high modulus carbon fiber blank easily absorbs the flights also of large specimen. The two carbon fiber quiver tips reliably indicate also very soft bites of shy coarse fish. The Aqualite Picker rods are the proper choice for fishing for trout, chub, roach and many other species at small rivers and ponds.

This model is available in 2 specifications

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