Baits & Attractors






Baits / ground baits 

MAGMIX Groundbait Mix

Developed by specialists of the international competition scene and specially made for the target fish and method of fishing. The Magmix ground bait is very active in the water and attracts fish even from long distances. The combination of feeding stimulating attractors and little satitating, chiped particles and superior meals makes the fish search actively for feed and stay longer in the fishing area.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Baits / pellets 

MAGMIX Corn Pellets

Corn pellets made of sweet, roasted corn can be fed with a catapult or by hand around the hook bait. These pellets dissolve in water very quickly and transmit the very attractive scent of roasted corn directly to the water. Thereby the pellets resolve into smallest particles, that can not satitade the attracted fish.



Accessories / dough formers 

NITRO BaitFormer

With the BaitFormer the trout dough can be formed easily, quickly and ideally.