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Rod Holders






Rod holders / tripods 

Surf Cast Rod Rest

Model 63-01777

This tripod for 2 rods guarantees the highest stability even in rough conditions. Easy to transport as it is made from aluminium. The telescopic legs are adjustable up to 1.80m and are fixed easily and slip proof with quick snaps. In the point of this tripod a hook is attached to fix a sand bag for stabilization, if needed.



Rod holders / tripods 

Feeder Tripod

Model 63-01025

Three-piece telescopic tripod made of aluminium. Thanks to the exact thick rubber coat, the rods are optimally protected from damage. Height adjustable from 50-110cm. Ideal for feeder fishing.



Rod holders / Special r.h. 

BIG CAT Catfish Rod Holder

Model 7820

Professional rod holder made of stainless steel - every bite indicator can be adjusted. The velcro fastener keeps the tight catfish rod stable and the turnable arm can be fixed with quick snap fasteners. The height of the rod holder is two times adjustable.



Rod holders / standard r.h. 

Rod Holder Metal

Model 6310

Solid metal rod holder with adjustable propensity.



Rod holders / special r.h. 

Surf Cast Rod Holder

Model 6320

The fitting rod holder for sandy soil - perfect for surf cast fishing!



Rod holders / standard r.h. 

Rod Rest

Stageless adjustable rod holder with extreme robust bank stick. Very stable!



Rod holders / standard r.h. 

Rod Rest

Simple rod holder with strong bank stick for difficult soils.



Rod holders / rod rests 

PRO CARP Flexi-Butt Grip

The Pro Carp Flexi-Butt-Grip prevents a removing or shifting of the carp rod. Thanks to the implemented spring system, the flexible jaws with rubber inserts always have enough tension.



Rod holders / rod rests 

PRO CARP Butt Grip "De Luxe"

Very economic butt grip.



Rod holders / rod rests 

PRO CARP Butt Cap Rod Rest

Ideal for high pods and other special rods montages.


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