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Monofilament lines


The line is your connection to the fish. The right choice of the line can be decisive for catching a fish and should be fitting the type of fishing or the target fish. The best monofilament line with diameter 0.30mm can carry 8.0kg - weights which were impossible 15 years ago.

According to the material and the treatment of the line, it is possible to adjust the lines to their area of use. One line can have very few abrasion, another is very stretchable or cannot be stretched. Normally a line without abrasion is preferred for carp fishing, for other kinds of fishing a line which cannot be stretched.

The colour of the monofilament can be adjusted to the conditions of the water. For trout and perch fishing, a clear line is better than a coloured one which can be seen by fish and so would scare them off. Monofilaments are better for fish with a soft mouth, because the line can be stretched and so quick escapes and movements of the head can be absorbed. A disadvantage is that fish which are far away, cannot be caught because of the softness of the line.

So a line can be adjusted to the water, the target fish and the fishing situation. All these things are crucial for fishing.

Another disadvantage is that the monofilament ages fast. The capacity of the line is limited with small damages on the line. So it is advisable to change the line at least once per season.

Monofilaments differ greatly in quality that has also an influence on the price. To avoid negative surprises, lines should be compared and lines of one brand should be preferred. CORMORAN introduced CORTEST lines, the first Japanese high performance line to Gemany - until today these lines are a guarantee for best quality and reliability.

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