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Not without electronic bite indicators

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Electronic bite indicators have been more and more used in the last years. A reason for that are the increasing offers and the small prices. An electronic bite indicator has several advantages and can be used for nearly all fish from eel to zander. An electronic bite indicator is indispensable for carp fishing.

It is not necessary to observe a bite indicator or a float for hours. The electronic bite indicator will do this now and will always be a 100% ready. Depending on the model, there are different functions adapting to the specific weather conditions and the fishing equipment.

A good bite indicator should have an adjustable volume and tone control. An adjustable tone has the advantage that it is impossible to overhear, despite a lot of background noises. Just change the frequency of the tone. A bite indicator has to bear a lot. Especially moisture can be a problem. Therefore a sealed and waterproof eletronic bite indicator is a "must" for every angler.

The integrated light-emitting diodes - LED - have two tasks. If the sound has been switched off, the LED indicates the bite visually. It is also important to have a night LED which shows a bite or a movement of the line. Maybe a silverfish is hooked which rarely moves. Without a night LED, it is impossible to identify the rod.


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