What distinguishes us


Since its foundation in 1973 CORMORAN has been developing from a newcomer with innovative ideas into market leader in Germany.

Our strategy
In a wholesale dominated market it has always been our strategy to focus on an own product development.
An essential additional value for the angler can only be created with an individual positioning and product strategy. It is reflected in a clear denomination to a market strategy paired with flexibility and spirit of innovation. A further aspect is focussing on the international markets by developing them.

We point the way
CORMORAN has been presenting substantial news in the last few years.

Innovations in the field of rods and reels
In 1973 CORMORAN completely replaced the traditional wire and metal guides in Europe within one year by introducing Fuji guides. The rod brand “BLACK STAR”, the first telescopic rod with short pieces in black colour and equipped with the great Fuji guides, was introduced.

The next pioneering step was the introduction of the first carbon rod program named KUNNAN. This was the start into a new era of building rods.

“ROTARY”. The first free spool reel worldwide. The “ROTARY” concept was the base for the first bite indicator reel with integrated electronic bite indicator. “CORMORAN ELBAS - a classic still today.

The important line to success
In the area of lines crucial novelties have been developed for the last 20 years by CORMORAN.

CORTEST Super Match. CORMORAN increased the existing capacity by a good 20% with this line. Cortest Super Match was stronger than all existing monofilaments and it still has not been exceeded by any other monofilaments.

CORASTRONG. The evolution in the area of braided lines began with the first spinning line made of Coramid (registered trademark of CORMORAN). Corastrong became a synonym for braided lines.

CORTEST-UFS. The first invisible line was developed by CORMORAN. CORTEST-UFS (ultra fast sinking) made of fluoro-carbon makes dreams come true.

Innovations in hooks
CGS - chemically sharpened point. A new revolution made by CORMORAN. This hooks, made of High Carbon Steel, received an ultra-sharp needle point due to a new special method. CGS technology enabled us to establish completely new hook designs - target fish hooks that are well known by everybody today.

New marketing and products
Motivated by the prohibition of living baits CORMORAN brought a lure program to the market themed “the bait is dead, long live the lure”. This lure program was copied from nature and guarantees - even improves - the success of spin fishing under the brand “CORA Z” till today.

Overall representation of the brand CORMORAN
Not only the area of product marketing but also trade marketing has influenced the development of CORMORAN. It has always been our target to create a win-win situation. Enthusing trade and end consumers is our aim!

Focussing on international markets
CORMORAN is present in nearly all European countries - this reflects by the corporate structure. Own distribution structures and subsidiaries show our demand representing and enforcing the brand CORMORAN. We advanced the foundation of the European association EFFTA and the European trade fair EFFTEX.

The slogan “ERFOLG DURCH TECHNIK” claims CORMORAN’s position: We are one of the most important developers and producers of fishing equipment. This results in a continuously increasing customers’ brand awareness and brand loyalty. CORMORAN always confesses to its domestic market Germany. The international distribution network is mainly controlled and delivered from there. Due to our presence in the inner-European foreign countries all of our customers can benefit from our broad product range.

The in-house research and development department works closely together with specialists that inspect every novelty carefully and test them several times in practice. This established network enables a smooth communication between practice and development that results in new products that move the market.

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